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GS25 to Reintroduce ‘Kim Hye-ja’ Lunchbox After Six Year Absence


SEOUL, March 2 (Korea Bizwire)GS25, the convenience store chain run by GS Retail Co., has reintroduced the “Kim Hye-ja” lunchbox six years after production ceased.

The low-priced lunchbox was originally promoted by actress Kim Hye-ja, spearheading the lunchbox boom at South Korean convenience stores.

Since it was released in September 2010, 40 different varieties of the lunchbox have been sold, generating 1 trillion won (US$760 million) in sales by 2017.


The lunchbox’s return was decided after Kim expressed sincere compassion towards malnourished children.

She has been working with GS Retail since February last year on the reintroduction of the lunchbox.

The 81-year-old actress visited the GS25 factory in Incheon ahead of the lunchbox’s release.

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