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Jeju’s Fragrant Citrus Blossoms Set to Bloom Next Month

제주 감귤꽃

JEJU, Apr. 8 (Korea Bizwire) – The aromatic white blossoms of Jeju’s citrus trees are expected to burst into bloom next month, painting the island’s southern coastal towns with their distinctive floral fragrance.

According to projections released On April 5 by the Rural Development Administration, the citrus flowers should reach full bloom in early May, around the same time as the recent 10-year average from 2014 to 2023.

The exact timing will vary slightly across Jeju’s citrus-growing regions, with towns like Hawon and Singhyo anticipated to see trees in full bloom as early as May 1 and 3, respectively. Other areas like Geumak and Ara may not reach peak bloom until mid-month. 

제주 감귤꽃

The arrival of citrus blossom season marks a crucial juncture for the island’s farmers to begin treatments protecting the trees from pests and diseases.

The Rural Development Administration has urged growers to consult its Pesticide Safety Information System to identify appropriate pest management measures.

“As the outdoor citrus trees start flowering in early May, we’ll be reinforcing on-site technical support to prevent any damage from insects or disease,” said Ahn Hyun-ju, head of the agency’s Citrus Research Center.

제주 감귤꽃

Besides monitoring for potential threats like mites, aphids and sooty mold, farmers have also been advised to apply nitrogen-rich fertilizers tailored to this flowering stage to promote healthy blossom development. 

The fragrant blossoms emerge as harbingers of Jeju’s autumn citrus harvest, when the island’s tangy-sweet fruits will once again fill markets across the nation.

In the meantime, the Rural Development Administration’s Fruit Growth and Quality Management System will continue tracking the trees’ progress, providing updates on emerging buds, fruit brix levels and other key metrics.

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