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Kia to Provide Medical Support for Disabled Children in Albania


SEOUL, July 21 (Korea Bizwire)Kia Corp., South Korea’s second-biggest carmaker, announced that it has launched the 13th base of the Green Light Project in Albania last Wednesday (local time) as part of its corporate social responsibility activities.

The company plans to offer medical support, in collaboration with the humanitarian aid group World Vision, to physically handicapped children in Librazhdit.

This region has poor medical and public healthcare services, and the support will continue until February 2026.

To enhance the quality of life and economic self-reliance of disabled children and local residents, Kia will provide mobile diagnosis vehicles, establish a multi-purpose medical center for disabled children, and offer financial support for the production and sales of agricultural products.

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The project, launched in 2012, aims to foster self-reliance by providing support to regional communities in need.

It focuses on infrastructure and self-reliance programs in the areas of economy, education, public healthcare, and the environment.

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