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Multi-use Boxes Drastically Cut Greenhouse Gas Emissions but Raise Delivery Costs

A multi-use parcel box (image: CJ ENM)

A multi-use parcel box (image: CJ ENM)

SEOUL, Sept. 15 (Korea Bizwire)Using a multi-use parcel box costs 3.9 percent more but results in a greenhouse gas emissions reduction of 74.5 percent, the environment ministry said Wednesday.

As a result of the trial of multi-use parcel boxes at eight distribution companies from last October to this August, the Ministry of Environment said that the average cost of each delivery was 4,512 won (US$3.24), which was 3.9 percent more expensive than using a disposable box (4,343 won).

Multi-use parcel boxes resulted in 213 grams of greenhouse gas emissions per delivery, which was 74.5 percent less (622.1 grams) than a disposable box (835.1 grams).

The data also showed that 4.3 grams of waste was generated in each delivery of multi-use parcel boxes, which was 99.3 percent less (605 grams) than disposable boxes (610 grams).

The Korea Waste Association conducted a survey of 356 people, 89 percent of whom said multi-use parcel boxes help reduce waste and contribute to preserving the environment, while 82.6 percent said multi-use boxes are better than disposable boxes in terms of maintaining temperatures.

Only 34.8 percent approved, however, of an increase in the cost of delivery for multi-use boxes, and only 33.7 percent said they would pay a deposit to ensure the multi-use boxes were returned.

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