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Naver Cloud Launches Gene Analysis Platform

(image: Korea Bizwire)

(image: Korea Bizwire)

SEOUL, May 27 (Korea Bizwire)Naver Cloud, the cloud affiliate of South Korea’s leading internet portal operator Naver Corp., said Thursday that it had developed a gene data analysis platform for the first time among domestic cloud service providers.

The newly-developed Nvidia Clara Parabricks on Naver Cloud Platform is the combination of U.S. graphics chip giant Nvidia Corp.’s Clara Parabricks software suite with Naver Cloud server.

Clara Parabricks is a framework that analyzes gene data on the basis of large graphic processing units (GPUs).

In collaboration with domestic personal genomics company ichrogene, Naver Cloud plans to release the Genome Analysis All-in-One Integrated Platform in its marketplace within the first half of this year.

“Starting from cooperation with Nvidia and ichrogene, we will continue to expand our presence in the gene analysis market,” said Han Sang-young, an executive director at Naver Cloud.

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