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Novelty Wedding at Sinchon Watergun Festival


Seoul, July 27 (Korea Bizwire)In the middle of chaos and reckless water bombing, a couple was wed. The groom, Yeo In-wook (31), and bride, Kim Yeon-hong (26), were married on the outdoor stage of Yonsei-ro, where the Sinchon Watergun Festival was held.

The wedding was like a scene from the Little Mermaid. The bride sang a serenade, and the groom read a love letter. Friends of the bride and groom gave a touching performance of ‘O Sole mio’. In addition to the wedding guests, the people participating in the festival clapped and blessed the newlyweds. After the 20-minute-long wedding ceremony ended, white bubbles fell from the sky like snow, uplifting the atmosphere.


Yeo, the groom, elaborated on the reasons for their open wedding. “Just like there are many people in the world, I think there are many types of love. We wanted to get married in a way only we can manage to do.”

Kim, the bride, expressed her love towards the groom. “Just like the song ‘Uphill’ I sang today, I will hold on tight to my husband even though life is tough like a road uphill.”


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