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Rebranded Seoul’s Floating Islands on Han River to Reopen


SEOUL, Oct. 13 (Korea Bizwire) – Seoul’s iconic artificial islands on the Han River will reopen with great fanfare. The floating islands which serve as a  cultural complex in the heart of Seoul get its new name, “Some Sevit.” Some Sevit, which means three splendid islands, consists of three islands including “Some Gavit,” “Some Chavit” and “Some Solvit.”

Some Gavit, the largest among the trio, will provide many amenities and services to Seoul citizens such as an Italian restaurant, a café, a pub, a convention center and a roof garden. Some Chavit has retail shops and a live buffet restaurant serving customers with 160 dishes with the magnificent view of the Han River. Visitors can enjoy water leisure sports at Some Solvit.



Image credit: Gold prize for a photo contest featuring ‘Sevit’ (Lim Yun-seok), Seoul Metropolitan Government /

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