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S. Korea Develops World’s Fastest Elevator


SEOUL, May 22 (Korea Bizwire)A South Korean company has developed the world’s fastest elevator, which can move at a speed of 1,260 meters per hour and makes use of cutting-edge technology.

At the core of this technology lies a new carbon fiber belt developed by Hyundai Elevator Co., South Korea’s leading elevator maker.

The carbon fiber belt replaces steel wire cables commonly used among elevators, and is much lighter, which allows elevators to cover longer distances. It also uses 30 percent less electricity.

In addition, the surface of the carbon fiber belt, touting thermal stability and tensile strength, has been coated with polymer material to withstand abrasion and more than double its lifespan.


Various cutting-edge technologies, including a system that ensures stable operations despite partial system failure, have been applied to the elevator system, the company said.

Hyundai Elevator said that this marks the world’s first carbon fiber belt ever to be used in an elevator.

If the new technology is introduced at the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, the world’s tallest building at 828 meters, elevators would be able to reach the highest floor with time savings of 20 percent (46 seconds) compared to the current elevators.

Image Credit: Hyundai Elevator / Pixabay /photonews@koreabizwire.com

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