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SK Innovation Unveils PR Video Featuring VR Art

(image: SK Innovation)

(image: SK Innovation)

SEOUL, Aug. 16 (Korea Bizwire)SK Innovation revealed yesterday that it was unveiling five corporate campaign videos that were created with VR art drawing techniques.

German artist Tobias Wüstefeld took part in creating the videos that incorporate VR techniques with traditional art drawing methods.

In the video, Wüstefeld is seen wearing VR head gear and using a tilt brush, a 3D painting virtual reality application available from Google, to transform an empty space into an image that reflects SK Innovation’s expansion of its operations all over the globe.

Some of SK’s global projects include oil exploration and production in the South China Sea, production facilities for electric car batteries currently being built in Europe, and the company’s lubricating oil business in Southern Asia.

(image: SK Innovation)

(image: SK Innovation)

The videos are currently airing on various cable TV channels and are also available on SK Innovation’s official blog (, Facebook page (, and YouTube account (

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