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Starbucks to Eradicate Use of Disposable Cups by 2025


SEOUL, April 7 (Korea Bizwire) Starbucks Korea has vowed to ban the use of disposable cups at all stores in four years.

The local unit of the U.S. coffee giant announced the Better Together project on Tuesday, revealing the company’s long-term strategic goals.

The company first aims to introduce reusable cups at all stores to achieve ‘zero’ use of disposable cups by 2025.

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At trial stores, which will be selected later this year, customers will pay a small deposit for reusable cups instead of using disposable ones. Once the customer finishes their drink, the cup can be returned in exchange for the deposit.

Starbucks also plans to increase the number of stores with eco-friendly themes, and introduce various equipment and devices designed to save electricity at all stores. The company will also replace all cargo trucks with eco-friendly electric vehicles by 2024.

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