BTS Garners 46 mln Tweets as ‘Dynamite’ Hits No.1 on Billboard | Be Korea-savvy

BTS Garners 46 mln Tweets as ‘Dynamite’ Hits No.1 on Billboard


SEOUL, Sept. 10 (Korea Bizwire)Twitter is seeing a tweet spree after BTS topped Billboard’s Hot 100 with their most recent song, “Dynamite.”

Twitter Inc. reported on Wednesday that nearly 46 million tweets shared the news regarding BTS’ newest release topping the Week 1 Hot 100 Chart for the period from Aug.31-Sept. 2.

The congratulatory tweet by President Moon Jae-in saw nearly 510,000 likes along with 230,000 reposts. Replying tweets from BTS also hit 580,000 likes and 230,000 re-tweets.


Data showed that the number of tweets related to BTS, Dynamite, and ARMY reached 257 million in the 30 days since Aug. 3, when the song was first released.

BTS remained at the top of the chart for the 194th week, breaking a long-standing record on Billboard’s Social 50 chart.

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