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Estee Lauder Criticized for Racist Customer Service

(image: Estee Lauder)

(image: Estee Lauder)

SEOUL, Nov. 9 (Korea Bizwire)Estee Lauder, an popular American cosmetics brand, is embroiled in a controversy over a racist message to a customer in South Korea.

A local Estee Lauder store recently sent a product to an online customer.

The product came in a different color from what the customer ordered, with the store’s comment that “the color that you ordered does not suit Asians well.”

In a note that came with the product, the store said that it had “sent the best matching color for Asians,” and that it could “assist in returning the product if it doesn’t satisfy customer needs.”

The customer soon posted a complaint on a local online community, which then spread rapidly across social media.

Others joined in saying they have had similar experiences with that particular online shopping mall.

“You can’t possibly believe that anything you buy in South Korea is purchased by Asians, and that all Asians have darker skin,” one customers said in a complaint.

In response, Estee Lauder said it was taking the situation very seriously, making a formal apology to customers.

“We will come up with stricter staff training programs to never again let such an incident happen.”

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