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Everland Celebrates the Birth of Twin Pandas, a First in Korea’s History

YONGIN, July 12 (Korea Bizwire) — Le Bao, aged 10, and Ai Bao, aged 9, residing in Everland’s Panda World, have recently welcomed twin baby girls. This achievement makes Everland the first zoo in Korea to successfully breed twin pandas naturally.

The twin pandas were born on July 7, with Ai Bao going into labor. The first cub was born at 4:52 a.m., followed by the second at 6:39 a.m., approximately one hour and 47 minutes apart, according to Everland’s announcement on Tuesday. Everland is an affiliate of Samsung C&T’s resort group, the amusement park’s operator.

twin panda

Upon birth, the older sister weighed 180 grams, while the younger one weighed 140 grams. Comparatively, Fu Bao, the “eldest sister” who is now three years old and weighs 98 kilograms, weighed 197 grams at her birth in July 2020.

Everland employed scientific analysis of Aibao’s hormonal changes through blood and urine tests to determine the optimal time for natural mating. Their successful mating occurred in mid-February.

twin panda _01

Pandas are notoriously challenging to conceive naturally, as their fertile season lasts only once a year for one to three days in spring.

An Everland spokesperson confirmed that both the mother and the twin cubs are in good health. Ai Bao is skillfully caring for her babies, drawing from her previous parenting experience with Fu Bao.

Last month, Everland suspected Ai Bao’s pregnancy due to her increased sleep and reduced appetite. As a result, she received intensive care while being kept indoors.

Fu Bao and Ai Bao, her mother

Fu Bao and Ai Bao, her mother

False pregnancies are common in pandas, and confirmation typically comes only when birth becomes imminent. Everland recognized similarities in Ai Bao’s behavior with Fu Bao’s pregnancy in 2020. Consequently, a dedicated team of zookeepers and veterinarians provided round-the-clock care, mirroring the attention given during a genuine pregnancy.

Kang Cheol-won, fondly referred to as the “Grandad of Fu Bao,” expressed great joy at the birth of the first twin pandas in Korea since Fu Bao. The team is committed to nurturing the cubs, transforming them into a panda family that inspires hope and happiness in many people.

Fu Bao

Fu Bao

For the time being, Everland intends to keep the twin pandas away from public view to ensure their healthy growth. After receiving intensive care in Panda World’s nursery, the timing of their public appearance will be reviewed.

Fu Bao was introduced to guests at Pandaworld’s release site when he was around six months old, walking on all fours and consuming bamboo.

Updates on the growth of the twin pandas and the panda family will be provided by Everland through various social media platforms, including YouTube’s “Everland,” “Talking Zoo Pupa TV,” and Naver’s “Zootopia” cafe.

twin panda_02

Everland Panda World, established in 2016, is the exclusive dedicated area in Korea where visitors can interact with pandas. It is home to a panda family consisting of three pandas, including parents Ai Bao, Le Bao, and Fu Bao.

Image Credit: Everland, Samsung C&T’s resort group, the amusement park’s operator, Yonhap / photonews@koreabizwire.com

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