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Jeju Sends Drones to Distribute Masks to Remote Islands


SEOUL, April 17 (Korea Bizwire) Jeju Island is working with the private sector to launch a drone delivery service to distribute protective masks to residents living on remote islands without a proper mask supplier.

Jeju Province and Doosan Mobility Innovation distributed 1,200 protective masks to residents on Gapa, Mara, and Biyang islands on Thursday using hydrogen-fuel drones.

The drones carried the masks and flew 2.9 kilometers from Jeju to reach ports on Gapa Island. They distributed 600 protective masks in two consecutive trips.


Another 300 masks were sent to the port on Mara Island and Hanlim Elementary School’s branch school on Biyang Island.

A total of 15,000 masks will be sent to these islands, a three-month supply for 490 residents living on the islands.

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