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McDonald’s Korea Introduces ‘Best Burger’ Program


SEOUL, April 14 (Korea Bizwire)McDonald’s Korea has attracted bold investment from its parent company to target the sensitive palates of Korean consumers.

The local affiliate of fast food giant said Monday it recently introduced its “Best Burger” initiative in South Korea for the first time in Asia, in a bid to improve the taste and quality of its offerings.

Best Burger is a global initiative that allows McDonald’s to improve its overall food ingredients, cooking processes and cooking utensils under the goal of “providing the best burger for customers” in order to offer the best possible food to customers.


The initiative was first introduced in Australia, New Zealand and Canada, where many customers enjoy burgers as a staple among the more than 100 countries McDonald’s has a presence in.

South Korea is the fourth country in the world to introduce the initiative and the first in Asia.

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