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Rescued ‘Rib Lion’ Thriving in New Home at Cheongju Zoo

CHEONGJU, Sept. 12 (Korea Bizwire) — Barami, a male lion who earned the unfortunate nickname “rib lion” due to his skinny body that showed his ribs, is thriving in his new home at Cheongju Zoo.

On September 12, Cheongju Zoo announced that 19-year-old Barami is adjusting well to his improved surroundings. He’s getting along with two other lions by interacting with them face-to-face and adapting to their scents.

rescued lion_barami

Barami used to live in poor conditions at a zoo in Gimhae, Gyeongnam. In July, he was transferred to Cheongju Zoo and given the new name, Barami. Cheongju Zoo chose this name, which means “I wish you a better life” in Korean, for the nearly 100-year-old lion in human years.

Barami now resides in a wildlife sanctuary at the top of Cheongju Zoo. This spacious 1,750-square-meter area is designed to mimic a natural environment, featuring large trees and a dirt floor.

 Cheongju Zoo

Cheongju Zoo

Cheongju Zoo was recognized as a conservation organization by the Ministry of Environment in 2014.

They provide care and rehabilitation for rescued wild animals before releasing them back into the wild or caring for those unable to return due to permanent disabilities.

rescued lion_02

The zoo also conducts medical training for its animals, including 377 animals of 68 species. This training, based on animal welfare principles, encourages animals to voluntarily perform desired behaviors for their trainers.

Successful training allows for various checkups without causing stress to the animals, eliminating the need for anesthesia.

On Friday in the previous week, Cheongju Zoo shared the latest news about Barami on YouTube, mentioning their efforts to train him to cooperate in blood collection by pulling his tail out of the fence.

While they haven’t reached the blood collection stage yet, steady practice should make medical examinations less stressful for Barami.

rescued lion_021

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