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SNS Abuzz with Triangle Kimbap Wrappers Featuring Son Heung-min Disappearing


SEOUL, March 2 (Korea Bizwire)Triangle kimbap (samgak kimbap) wrappers featuring Son Heung-min and his Tottenham teammates have been the talk of several online communities recently.

However, some interpretations have emerged that the “presence” of Son disappearing from the wrapper is a good representation of his current situation, particularly since he has experienced the “embarrassment” of starting from the bench for two consecutive games and being inserted at the end of the game.

The wrapper features five Tottenham players, including Harry Kane and Hugo Lloris, with Son in the middle.

However, to eat the kimbap, one has to remove the wrapper, and Son is the only one who disappears.


This has led many Korean football fans to feel sorry for Son, who has remained loyal and dedicated to Tottenham but faces all kinds of criticism and tribulations at the slightest drop in form, and many would rather see him transferred out of Tottenham.

A post by a user interpreting the disappearance of Son from the kimbap wrapper as a sign that he will escape from Tottenham has become popular.

Additionally, some fans interpret that Son also has to be in the middle, that is, he can’t jump out and has to be silently devoted.

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The name of the triangle kimbap sold at GS25 convenience stores is Tottenham Hotspur and fish and chips, and some fans support the opinion that one should not expect much in terms of flavor, similar to the world’s opinion of British food.

It’s worth noting that the core ingredients of a triangle kimbap are in the middle, which may explain why Son is also positioned there.

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