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Spain’s Camino de Santiago Welcomes Jeju Sculptures

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JEJU, July 14 (Korea Bizwire)Sculptures symbolizing Jeju Island have been set up along the Camino de Santiago, Spain’s most popular trekking course.

Officials from the Jeju provincial government and public figures from Spain’s Galicia region held a ceremony at Monte do Gozo on Tuesday (local time) to celebrate the new sculptures.

South Korea and Spain set up mutual symbols along Jeju’s Olle Trail Course 1 and Spain’s Camino de Santiago near Monte do Gozo in a joint effort to promote South Korea-Spain tourism.


Jeju’s “dolhareubang,” which is translated to rock statue of grandfather, and “ganse,” a horse-shaped sculpture representing Jeju’s Olle Trail, will be set up in Monte do Gozo.

A seashell-motif sign from Spain, representing the Camino de Santiago, will be set up along Jeju’s Olle Trail Course 1.

Image Credit: Jeju Provincial Government / Pixabay /

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