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Study Shows People Save Time and Money on Education by Watching YouTube Videos

(image: KobizMedia/ Korea Bizwire)

(image: KobizMedia/ Korea Bizwire)

SEOUL, Nov. 6 (Korea Bizwire)A new study has revealed that people feel that they are saving more time and money on education when they watch educational videos on YouTube, rather than reading or going to private institutes.

YouTube and Macromill Embrain, a market research firm, conducted a study of 1,000 participants between the ages of 15 and 69 who watched videos on YouTube last August.

The results were announced on Monday, with data showing that people think they save as much as 300,000 won each year on average by watching YouTube.

Participants thought they saved the most on language education, reaching as much as 790,000 won per year, and more than 410,000 won on music education.

Respondents said that they save around 52 hours every month by watching educational videos on YouTube. They saved 71 hours every month for music, and 59 hours for languages.

Among the participants, 50.15 percent said that they stopped or cut down on reading or going to private institutes ever since they began using YouTube as an educational tool.

Another 75.9 percent said they watched music performances, while they also watched a lot of lifestyle videos (71.9 percent) as well as videos on fitness (62.9 percent).

Participants said they watched YouTube videos an average of 3.6 times every week.

“Around the world, 7 out of 10 people use YouTube to study,” said Ji Sang-eun, a YouTube Partner Manager.

“It is hopeful that YouTube will serve as an educational platform that people can access anywhere at any time.”

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