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A heartwarming new advertisement for Nexus 7 has come out

SEOUL, Korea, Dec 10 (Korea Bizwire) – During a family get-together, a father sees a picture his lovely little daughter painted and becomes troubled by the image of him in the painting: a man always sleeping.

Next, he seems to be determined for something. He puts out his Nexus 7 and starts preparing for his daughter’s birthday which is 15 days later. Inside his office, inside the commuting bus, and even on top of his office building does he keep practicing a magic show for his daughter. Finally it’s his daughter’s birthday. In front of his daughter and her friends, he manages to show a cool magic show successfully. When the show is over, the kids are cheering and his daughter looks at her father proudly and shows a big, happy smile.

This is not an ad with big name stars or spectacle images, and yet it successfully conveys Nexus 7′s concept, ‘Start of a Precious Day’, using a touching story between family members.

Let’s take a look at this ad by Nexus 7 that effectually combines a fatherly lovely and virtues of an IT product and effectively moves the audience.

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