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Direct Overseas Purchases of Daily Goods Rise

(image: G9)

(image: G9)

SEOUL, May 25 (Korea Bizwire)The recent fad that has seen South Koreans flock to overseas Internet shopping websites to buy luxury items and premium electronics goods has expanded to include consumption of daily household items.

The online shopping mall G9 operated by eBay Korea reported a 157 percent increase in sales of household goods between January and April of this year compared to the same period last year.

Sales of body cleansers increased by 240 percent during the same period, followed by toothpaste (224 percent), toothbrushes (145 percent), shampoo and conditioner (44 percent), and soap (16 percent).

The increase in household cleaning goods was even greater, as sales of kitchen cleaning detergent saw a rise of 944 percent.

Glass cleaning agents (567 percent), liquid detergent (430 percent), and fabric softeners (110 percent) also saw big jumps in sales numbers.

G9 explained that over the last few years, South Koreans were more interesting in buying typically expensive products for cheap prices.

However, an employee at G9 stated that consumption patterns have changed now. “Consumers are now looking for high quality products that are cost effective,” said Shin Hyeon-ho, the global team leader at G9.

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