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Korean CEO’s Unboxing iPhone6 Demonstration Makes an Instant Hit

SEOUL, Oct. 2 (Korea Bizwire) – Chairman Park Yong-man of Doosan Group, most prominent “early adopter” among the nation’s CEOs, has drawn the Internet users’ interest this time again for his iPhone6 unboxing video posted on YouTube.

Whenever new iPhone models come to market, Mr. Park famously showed off his unboxing demonstration — an intriguing move in a nation where Samsung’s flagship smartphone Galaxy series reportedly account for approximately more than 60~70 percent in the market share.  

Indeed, a barrage of such video clips have been posted since the Apple’s new phone was released on September 19, but Chairman Park’s video demonstration has special implications in that a high-profile business owner uploaded the video himself, but more than that, this gesture amounts to a strong endorsement of international brand’s new model, as opposed to general perception of say, “Buying home-made brands should be encouraged.”

Chairman Park posted an about 30-second-long video to show his opening an iPhone 6 package with apparently his signature macho style. It shows that he is videotaping his actions with one hand while unboxing the iPhone 6 package with the other in  sometimes “I don’t care [with any possible scratch when unboxing]” manner. This video, little wonder, went viral, marking 80,600 hits as of 9 in the morning on October 1 in 4 days after it was first released.

Another reason of this video clip’s popularity stems from the fact that iPhone 6 is yet to be available in South Korea. It is only possible to purchase it at overseas Apple stores; also, to use it at home the users should acquire the certification of conformity from the National Radio Research Agency in South Korea.

It is a well known fact that Chairman Park is an early adopter and whenever new iPhones like iPhone 4s and 5s were released, he rushed to buy ones himself using various sales channels.    

Last year, on his twitter, he left product reviews on iPhone 5s, as in “It is convenient to use the fingerprint recognition security,” “Isn’t it inconvenient to type in a password with one hand?” or “A GPS application doesn’t use up the battery life much” giving a favorable opinion of Samsung arch-rival’s iPhone series.

By Jerry M. Kim (jerrykim@koreabizwire.com)


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