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More Drinkers Flock to Mixed Drinks

Commercial film for Mackiss, which expressed the identity of the mixed drink in a funny way, like repeatedly saying “You wanna mix with me?” which also sounds like sexually suggestive messages to the audience.

SEOUL, July 17 (Korea Bizwire) – More and more alcohol drinkers prefer “mixed drinks,” including cocktail. According to E-Mart, the sales of Mackiss, a new vodka-based drink, has been 26,000 bottles for only three months of launch in April this year. This is more than a half of Absolut Vodka that has been sold 40,000 bottles this year to date. Buoyed by strong sales in large retail outlets, Mackiss will have little problem reaching the 1-million-bottle mark at the year’s end.

The sales of juice drinks such as grape fruit and cranberry have also increased as they match well with mixing liquors. Thanks to the vogue of “Jager bomb,” a mixture of a Jagermeister shot with energy drink like Red Bull, E-Mart sold 29,000 bottles of Jagermeister during the first half of this year.

This trend is also evident in the overall liquor sales figures. Although the whiskey sales fell 12 percent for the five-month period between January and May from the same period last year, that for the so-called “white spirits,” including gin, vodka, and tequila has shot up 64 percent during the same period.

Mackiss, a new vodka-based drink (image: YouTube)

Mackiss, a new vodka-based drink (image: YouTube)

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