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Gov’t Proposes 2nd Specially Protected Area for Penguins in Antarctica


SEOUL, Jul. 9 (Korea Bizwire)A specially protected area for penguins led by South Korea is set to open for the second time in Antarctica.

The South Korean government reported that it had officially proposed the designation of a new Antarctic Specially Protected Area along with China and Italy at the 42nd Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting in Prague, Czech Republic on Monday (local time).

The new Antarctic special protection zone, jointly proposed by South Korea, China and Italy, is about 3.3 square kilometers from Inexpressible Island near the Jangbogo Antarctic Research Station.


The Antarctic Specially Protected Area is designated to protect the Antarctic’s environmental, scientific and aesthetic values, with a total of 72 designated places proposed by 16 countries so far.

The proposal is expected to be finally approved at the 43rd meeting in Helsinki, Finland, in May of next year after a detailed review by the subcommittee on reviewing management plans.

Image Credit: Korean Federation for Environmental Movement / Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries /

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