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Sales of Ramen Noodles Soar Thanks to High Demand for Jajang Ramen


SEOUL, Aug. 10 (Korea Bizwire)Usually, the most popular kind of ramen in the summer is cold spicy noodles, but this year, Jajang ramen is in high demand. Due to its popularity, sales of ramen noodles, which have dropped over the past few years, are rebounding.

According to Emart, even when the domestic market showed a small sign of revitalization, with increasing sales of all products, ramen showed a 3 percent decrease in sales. They explain that the reason for the increased sales of ramen noodles in the second quarter is related to the success of ‘Jja Wang’, a new Jajang ramen product from Nongshim.

Emart sees the phenomenon as similar to the ‘Honey Butter Chip’ craze. “This is second time that one star product changed the sales of the whole product family. When the sales of snacks were dropping, Honey Butter Chips turned sales around. Jja wang is following the same path.”




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