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Starbucks Korea to Limit Siren Orders During e-Frequency Promotions


SEOUL, Nov. 4 (Korea Bizwire)One of the main reasons behind Starbucks Coffee Korea employees’ truck protest last month was their exhaustive workload that has everything to do with the coffee chain’s famous marketing events.

The first-ever protest by the coffee chain’s workers was set off by a 50th anniversary event on Sept. 28, which drew overwhelming numbers of customers by offering limited-edition reusable plastic cups.

So in the run up to another Starbucks signature event, part of the e-frequency program, Starbucks Korea has decided to set a limit on the number of mobile orders until the end of this year.

Starbucks offers limited-edition merchandise and e-frequency items are much more popular in Korea than in other countries.


The number of siren orders (mobile orders) available until Dec. 31 during the winter e-frequency event will be limited to 10 from the previous 20.

The company said this order restriction is intended to ease customers’ inconvenience and prevent excessive orders targeted at e-frequency freebies.

“A growing number of customers should share in the e-frequency experience and the purpose of this event will be delivered with efficacy,” said an official from Starbucks Coffee Korea.

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